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The Scot at Home and Abroad
Being the substance of a lecture by Scots Canadian Poet John Imrie.


The patriotic Scot abroad derives peculiar satisfaction and pleasure from the study of the characteristics of his countrymen in the dear old land, and from the Contemplation of his kinsmen's valour in war and his virtues in peace, as preserved in the traditions and records of Scotland. reminiscences of Home never lose their power abroad, but, on the contrary, feed the flame of national sentiment, for surely no son is prouder of his mother than the Scot from home is of the land of his fathers, whose bens and glens and heroes he loves and venerates with inextinguishable ardour.

The following pages afford an example of how that sentiment finds an outlet, in prose and verse. The author is known at home and abroad as an enthusiastic and intelligent worker in the Scottish field singing Scotland's praises, helping her sons to make a right start on the path in life leading to success and honour, fulfilling his duty as a good citizen and man, in such a way as to exemplify the best qualities of the race whence he sprung.

The lecture has been delivered before several Scottish Canadian assemblies, and this summary has been published at the suggestion of a few friends who think it may prove suitable as a reading at meetings of Scottish Societies during the winter evenings when speech, song and story go around. With this view I agree, believing the members of Caledonian and Sons of Scotland Societies will find the lecture to be instructive an<l entertaining on such occasions.

Alexander Fraser, M.A.,
Grand Chief, Sons of Scotland

August, 1898

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