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Highland Clearances

  • The Highland Clearances
    This is an account of the Clearances with information on how brutal they were.
  • Ross-shire Clearances: Glencalvie
    This is a specific account of the Clearances as they affected Glencalvie.
  • Journey to the Western Islands
    This is the book by Samuel Johnson in which he details his travels throughout the Highlands and Island during 1773 and provides a very interesting account of Scotland at the time of the Highland Clearances.
  • Strathnavar Clearances
    This is a specific account of the Strathnavar Clearances including some accounts from people that were forced to leave their lands.
  • A Balanced View
    This is an historical account of the period of the Highland Clearances in which we see both sides of the event. Some claim that the Clearances were actually good for Scotland.
  • Scottish Emigration
    This is a small account of where the people emigrated to.
  • The Testimony of Seonaid Nic Neacail
    An account of being cleared.
  • On Emigration and the State of the Highlands
    By The Earl of Selkirk 1805. This really is an excellent account of the conditions of the Highlands that led to the clearances and emigration. The Earl of Selkirk also arranged for the new settlement on Prince Edward Island in Canada and gives a detailed account of it.
  • The History of the Highland Clearances
    By Alexander MacKenzie (1914)
  • Gloomy Memories
    By Donald MacLeod, an account of the Highland Clearances.
  • The Heather on Fire
    A Tale of the Highland Clearances

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