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The Book of the Club of True Highlanders
2 vols. A record of the Dress, arms, customs, arts and science; of the Highlanders. Compiled from printed and MS records; and traditions; and illustrated with etchings of Highland Relics, and the Keltic Vestiges of Great Britain and Ireland.

Author: North, C. N. McIntyre ( Charles Niven McIntyre). (1881)

I photographed this book in the rare book department at the McLaughlin library at the University of Guelph. With my own letter sized scanner it would have been impossible to scan these 2 volumes so the only real option was to use my digital camera.  I am satisfied that the pages are all readable but not the kind of quality I would have preferred. There are many illustrations of a really unique nature in both these books.

I had some problems deciding how to present this book as to make this readable the pages needed to be at least 1000 pixels in width. I am thus doing one web page for each volume and presenting them as thumbnails on the page so I hope you'll find this reasonably easy to read. At the top of each page you'll also find a link to download a .pdf file of the whole volume.

Volume 1  |  Volume 2

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