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The Cottars of the Glen
or a Glimpse of the Rural Life of the Scottish Peasantry of 100 years ago
By The Rev. Robert Simpson (1866)


Chapter I
Cottages in the Glen—Their structure—The occupants — Old Saunders Gray — Domestic piety — Christian charity — Its effect.

Chapter II
Occupation of the cottars—
Fireside conversation—Family prayer —Sabbath observance—Striking incidents—Prayer meeting-Wonderful answer to prayer.

Chapter III
Superstitions of the Glen—Frightful apparition—Discussion on visions—Discovery made by the Schoolmaster—Evanishment of the spectre—Oratory in the bush—Answer to prayer.

Chapter IV
The sacrament—
The conversion—The discovery—Affecting scene —The workshop—The poacher—Death of the poacher—The lesson taught.

Chapter V
Statistics of the Glen—Religious Revival—Conversation on Divine things—Family worship—Sheep-stealing—Startling discovery —Bob, the travelling chapman—Curious incident—Important information—Caravan.

Chapter VI
Profitable hearing in the church—
Frightful death-bed—Arrangements of the hut—Jealousy—Altercation—Domestic tidiness— Castigation.

Chapter VII
Bob's adventure—
Jock Cheap, the chapman—Exhortation—Revenge—Character of Jock—Mungo Clark—Bob's success—Evil of avarice.

Chapter VIII
Death of Saunders's daughter Janet —
Death-bed experience-Triumph of faith—Funeral—Strange customs.

Chapter IX
Parochial examination—
Reverence paid to ministers—Homeliness of the times—Respect to the laird—Means of livelihood— Ridiculous punctuality in telling a story.

Chapter X
Bob's establishment in Say-na-Whair—
His marriage—The kirking— Old customs observed in the Glen—Festivities—Amusements—Cock-fighting—Suicide in the Glen—The burial.

Chapter XI
Barbara's death—
Her sayings—Character of Barbara—Condolence—Graves of the martyrs.

Chapter XII
The wierd man's cave—Brownies—Fairies—Warnings—Wraiths— Witchcraft—Strange sounds in the lonely dells—Blood on the stone in the Haunted Lin—Sights in the churchyard

Chapter XIII
Thunder—Rain—Snows—Deluges—Dangerous Travelling—Crawland—Saunders and his associates—James Burns, the smith—Peter, the weaver—Andrew, the tailor—Henry, the cobbler.


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