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History of Curling
Chapter IV. Bbibliotheca Curliana

N the course of our history of the game we have given an account of the various works which have been written on the subject of curling. We should like to see curling literature further enriched by the histories of local clubs. Sanquhar and North Woodside have led the way, and the .history of Rattray Club is now in the hands of the Rev. Mr Davies, the club's chaplain. Such local records furnish us with interesting; information; and it is to these that we must look for sucIi fresh intelligence about the past as may at some future time help to improve this volume, or create the necessity for a fuller account of the history of the national game. The curler who is anxious to have a complete library of curling literature as one of his "equipments," will find such a worthy ambition no easy task, and if he is of Grangerite tastes he may have his time fully occupied in bunting up all the publications connected in one way or another with curling ; but for those who wish to limit their attention to works devoted in whole or in part to the game, we shall here furnish such lists as shall enable them to make a pretty exhaustive collection of curling literature.

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