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Scots and Scots Descendant in America
Part V - Biographies
Peter King

One of the most successful drygoods men in Rhode Island is Peter King, now President of the Boston Store, Newport, and also of the Joliet Dry Goods Company, Joliet, Ill.

He is a native of Kilsyth, Scotland, born June 5, 1852. He began business in Glasgow at the age of thirteen, receiving his early training with the dry-goods firms of William Simpson & Company and James Daly & Company.

Mr. King came to America in 1871 and worked for five years with the dry-goods house of Callender, McAuslan & Troup, Providence. In 1877, with his fellow Scotsman and clerk, Angus MacLeod, on a capital of less than one thousand dollars, he started the Boston Store, Newport, which has been eminently successful and has the respect and confidence of the entire community.

Mr. King is President of the Aquidneck National Bank, a director in the Newport Trust Company and the Industrial Trust Company, Newport branch, and trustee of the Newport Savings Bank and Newport Hospital. He is a member of the St. Andrew ‘s Society and prominent in Masonic circles. He is a director of the Y. M. C. A., and Chairman of the Army and Navy branch of that work; also Senior Warden and Treasurer of St. George’s Episcopal Church.

He married Martha, daughter of William Murdock, of Providence. They have nine children: James Murdock, manager of the Joliet store, Hamilton Theodore, a graduate of Harvard Medical School and the University of Berlin, a practising physician in Joliet, Annie Marion, Eliza Janet, Margaret Josephine, Martha Victoria, Roberta Gilchrist, Lynnette and Peter, Jr. The joy of having such a numerous and congenial family in the home together surpasses any worldly prosperity.

Mr. King’s career is characterized by energy, perseverance, honesty and business foresight. He is proud of being a born Scotsman.

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