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The Aberdeen Doctors
Appendix II - Bishop Patrick Forbes' Works

The Works published by Bishop Forbes were the following :

A Commentary upon the Apocalypse ; A Treatise on the Validity of the Vocation of the Clergy in the Reformed Church; A Letter to a Roman Recusant on the same Subject ; A Tract on the Origin of the Romish Apostacy and the Antiquity of the Doctrines of the Reformed Churches ; and Eubulus, a Dialogue between a Protestant and a Romanist. A second edition of the Commentary on the Apocalypse, to which the other shorter Treatises, except Eubulus, are appended, appeared in 1614. Dr. John Forbes, the Bishop's son, during his exile from his native country, published at Amsterdam in 1646 a Latin translation of the second edition of the Commentary and those lesser Treatises. The last work which Bishop Forbes published appeared in the year 1627. It is an answer to "A Rugged Romish Rhyme," bitterly inveighing against the Reformed Church. The Bishop's producton is in the form of a " Dialogue" (Bishop Forbes'Funeralls,p. xcviii. seq.).

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