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John MacKintosh
A Biography by Geo. W. Crutchley (1921)

John MacKintosh Author's Note

The author desires to acknowledge with gratitude the willing co-operation of the relatives and intimate friends of the late John Mackintosh in the preparation of this biography. The Rev. J. E. Mackintosh has given effective assistance and has written the opening Chapter, "Early Days." Messrs. H. V. Mackintosh, J. D. V. Mackintosh, W. Patterson, and J. E. Henderson have also rendered invaluable service in the preparation of the business Chapters and other portions of the book.

Mr. Mackintosh left many interesting papers and diaries, which are not only a veritable treasury of suggestive thoughts and homely wisdom, but contain so full an account of his travels for business purposes, that we have given the story of his life, as far as possible, in his own words.

This book has been written to meet the extensive demand that Mr. Mackintosh's experiences should be permanently recorded.

Our desire is to make more widely known the sterling character and unconquerable spirit of a great "Captain of Industry," one who by means of a trivial article of commerce built up a world-wide business. That was a notable achievement, but had it stood alone this biography would never have been written. It is the record of a life of unselfish service, the history of one who loved his fellow-men; and we cherish the hope that it will be an inspiration to others, not only to be "diligent in business," but also "fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."


April 20th, 1927.





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