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Robertson’s Historical Proofs on the Highlanders

  • Opinions of the Press
  • Preface to the First Edition
  • Preface to the Second Edition
  • Chapter I
    Subjects to be treated of and proved.
  • Chapter 2
    From the Roman Invasion in AD 78 to AD 360.
  • Chapter 3
    From AD 360 to depature of the Romans AD 410 and arrival of the Saxons in AD 449.
  • Chapter 4
    True period of Arrival of the Irish Scots Colony in North Britain proved to ve AD 506, and events to AD 560.
  • Chapter 5
    The introduction of Christianity into North Britain and its proper date.
  • Chapter 6
    Events to end of Seventh Centuary and Conquest of the Dalriads in the Eighth Century, with Events up to AD 842.
  • Chapter 7
    The pretended Conquest of the Picts in AD 843. By the Irish Scots of Argyleshire, examined and refuted.
  • Chapter 8
    The Language of the Picts proved to be the same as the Highlanders.
  • Chapter 9
    The Language of the Picts proved to be the same as the Highlanders.
  • Chapter 10
    The Gaelic Topography of Scotland, with the English significations.
  • Chapter 11
    The Poetry, National Dress, and Music of the Gael of Alban.
  • Chapter 12
    Short notices of the Highland Clans
  • Chapter 13
    Historical and Antiquarian Descriptions of the Illustrations.
  • Conclusion
  • Appendix

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