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Gairloch in North-West Ross-Shire
Part III.—Natural History of Gairloch

Chapter X.—Minerals of Gairloch, by Professor W. Ivison Macadam, F.C.S., F.I.C., M.M.S., &c, Edinburgh

The following minerals were obtained in the localities mentioned, but the list is very incomplete. Time has not permitted of analyses being made of many samples, but such are now under examination, and will be available for a further edition of this work:—

Agalmatolite—Black Rock, Tollie.
Albite feldspar—Loch Fionn.
Agaric limestone—Coppachy.
Agate—Tollie Rock.
Barytes—Black Rock, Tollie.
Biotite—Loch Fionn.
Calcite—Black Rock, Tollie, &c.
Chalcedony—Glen Logan, &c.
Chlorite—Loch Gruinard, &c.
Dolomite—Glen Logan, Slioch, &c
Epidote—Loch Fionn, Tollie Rock.
Galenite—Glen Logan limestone.
Garnet—Loch Fionn.
Heliotrope, or Bloodstone—Glen Logan, &c.
Hornblende—Loch Gruinard, Loch Fionn, &c.
Limestone (Massive)—Glen Logan, &c.
Limonite (Bog iron ore)—South Erradale, &c. &c.
Marcasite—Glen Logan, Coppachy, &c.
Muscovite—Loch Fionn, &c.
Oligoclase feldspar—Loch Fionn, &c &c.
Pyrite—Glen Logan, Coppachy, &c.
Pyrolusite (Dendritic markings)—Loch Fionn.
Quartzite (common)—Glen Logan, &c.
Rock crystal—Black Rock, Tollie (small crystals).
Serpentine—Black Rock, Tollie.
Smoke quartz—Tollie Rock.

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