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Gairloch and Loch Maree

This picture is from the book Scottish Loch Scenery (1882)
Would be interesting to get a picture of this exact view if someone could take it.

Should any locals in the area wish to tell us a bit about themselves or their business feel free to contact us. And if you have any digital pictures of the area we'd love to get a copy.

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  • Oasis of the North, by Dawn MacLeod
    The sub-tropical gardens at Inverewe in Wester Ross are a deservedly famous testimonial to Osgood MacKenzie and his daughter Mairi Sawyer. And they were sufficient attraction to make Dawn MacLeod give up her job in the Civil Service in London - and her pension rights - when her Aunt Mairi asked her to go north to live. But this is perhaps only incidentally a story of the gardens. It is the story too, of an independent aunt and of the independent Highlanders of the West Coast, of the sharp beauty of the land, of the handicraft classes which she taught in the schools and of the people she met there, of eels coming out of the posh taps in the Big House, of pine martins and wild cats, and of a host of other fascinating incidents as well.
    Copies of this book are still available through second hand book shops and having a copy myself it makes a great read.

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