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Historic Picture Gallery

As these days a lot of us have access to digital cameras and scanners it might be possible to put up some old pictures of social or industrial life in old Scotland.  We'd also consider putting up old pictures of Scots and their families from around the world. So, if you have a contribution to make simply email Alastair McIntyre and attach your picture.  We'd prefer to see .jpg files but .gif are also acceptable. Please provide a description when you send them in and an approximate date so we can add a comment to the picture when we put it up.

  • Gallery 1
    1. Scotch Education Department Merit Certificate Book, 1898. 2. Scots in WWI. 3. Sketch of Falkirk High Street in 1928. 4. Justinhaugh Railway Station 1923. 5. Craigs School, Stirling, 1913. 6. Berry picking at Blairgowrie 7. Scout troop in 1923. 8. Kelty Clippie.

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