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Ordnance Gazetteer of Scotland
Places beginning with G


  • Page 65
    Gadgirth, Gainvich, Gairbridge, Gairden, Gairie, Gair-Loch, Gairloch
  • Page 66
    Gair Loch, Gairlochy, Gairn, Gairrney Bridge, Gairney Water, Gairnside, Gairsay, Gaitnip, Galashiels
  • Page 68
    Gala Water
  • Page 69
    Galatown, Galbraith, Galdry or Gauldry, Gallangad, Gallary, Gallatown, Gallengad, Gallery, Gallow or Gala Lane, Galloway
  • Page 71
    Galloway House, Mull of Galloway
  • Page 72
    New Galloway, Gallowflat
  • Page 73
    Gallowgreen, Gallowhill, Galston, Galtway, Galval or Gouldwell Castle, Gamescleuch
  • Page 74
    Gameshope, Gamhair, Gamhua, Gamrie
  • Page 75
    Gannel Burn, Bridge of Gannochy, Ganuh or Gaineimh, Garabost, Garallan, Garan or Garanhill, Garan or An Garbh-eilean, Garbh Allt, Garbh Bhreac, Garbhdhum, Garbh Mheall, Garbhreisa, Garbh Uisge, Garchary, Garchonzie, Garden, Gardens, Gardenstown, Garderhouse, Gardnerside, Gare Loch
  • Page 76
    Garelochhead, Garf Water, Gargunnock, Garie, Garifad, Garioch
  • Page 77
    Chapel of Caroich, Garion, Garleton, Garlies, Garliestown, Garliestown Bay, Garlogie, Garlpool, Garmond, Garmouth, Garnethill, Garngad Hill, Garnkirk, Garnock
  • Page 78
    Garnqueen, Garpel, Garpel Water, Garpol or Garpool Water, Garr, Garrabost, Garraghuism Cave, Garrallan, Garrel, The Garrison, Garroch, Garroch Head, Garrochory or Garchary, Garron, Garry, Garrynahine, Garscadden, Garscube
  • Page 79
    Gartcosh, Gartferry, Garth Castle or Caisteal Dubh, Garth House, Garthland, Garthland Mains, Gartinqueen Loch, Gartloch, Gartly, Gartmore
  • Page 80
    Gartmorn Dam, Gartnavel, Gartness, Gartney or Strathgartney, Gartsherrie, Gartshore, The Gart, Garturk, Garvald
  • Page 81
    Garvald or Garrel, Garvald or Garrel, Garvald or Garwald Water, Garvald House, Garvald Point, Garvan, Garvary or Blar Garvary, Garve, Garv-Eilan or Garbh-Eilean, Garvellan, Garvelloch
  • Page 82
    Garvel Point, Garvock
  • Page 83
    Garvock, Gascon Hall, Gask or Findo Gask, Gask Hill, Gask House, Gasstown, Gatehead, Gatehope, Gatehouse
  • Page 84
    Gateside, Gattonside, Gauhsness, Gauir or Gaoire, Gauldry, Gavel, Gavieside, Gavinton, Gawreer or Garrier, Gaylet Pot or Geary Pot, Geanach or Gannoch, Geanies House, Gearr Abhainn
  • Page 85
    Geary Pot, Geauly or Gieuly, Geddes House, Geil or Glengavel Water, Geldie Burn, Geletra, Gelly, Gelston or Gilston, Gelt or Guelt Water, General's Bridge, General's Hut, Fort George, Georgemas Junction, Georgetown, Gerardine's Cave, Geylet Pot, Geyzen Briggs, Gharafata, Ghost's Knowe, Ghulbhuinn or Ben Gulabin, Gian't Chair, Giant's Fort, Giant's Leg, Giant's Stone, Gibbieston, Gibbon, Gibb's Cross, Giffen, Gifferton or Giffordtown, Giffnock, Gifford
  • Page 86
    Giffordgate, Giffordtown, Gifford Water, Gigalum, Gigha, Gighay, Gight, Gighty, Gigulum, Gilbertfield, Gil Burn, Gilcomston, Gildermorry, Gilfillan, Gill, Gill or Port Gill, Gillander, Gillean
  • Page 87
    Gills. Gillyburn, Gilmanscleuch, Gilmerton, Gilmilnscroft, Gilmour's Linn, Gilnockie, Gilp, Gilston, Girdle Ness, Girlsta, Girnigoe, Girnock Burn, Girthgate, Girthhead, Girthon
  • Page 88
  • Page 89
    Girvan, Water of Girvan, Girvan and Portpatrick Railway, Gizzen Briggs, Glack, Glackharnis, Glackingdaline, Gladhouse Reservoir
  • Page 90
    Gladney or Glaidney, Gladsmuir, Glaidneyy, Glaissean or Glashan, Glaitness, Glamaig or Ben Glamaig, Glamis
  • Page 91
    Glamis Castle, Glanasnar, Glanderston, Glasbheinn
  • Page 92
    Glasclune, Glasford, Glasgow
  • Page 97
  • Page 103
  • Page 109
  • Page 115
  • Page 121
  • Page 127
  • Page 133
  • Page 139
  • Page 145
  • Page 151
  • Page 157
  • Page 163
  • Page 169
  • Page 173
    Glasgow District Subway, Glasgow and South-Western Railway
  • Page 175
    Glasgow and South-Western Railway, Glasgow Central Railway
  • Page 176
    Glasgow Central Railway, Glasgow City and District Railway, Glasgow Union Railway, Glasgow, Yoker and Clydebank Railway, Glasgmore, Glasletter or Lungard, Glas Maol, Glasnock or Glaisnock, Glass
  • Page 177
    Glass, Glassalt, Glassary, Glassaugh, Glassel, Glass Ellan or Green Island, Glassert, Glasserton, Glassford
  • Page 178
    Glassie, Glassmount, Glasvein or A 'Ghlas-bheinn, Glasvein or Glas Bheinn, Glasvein, Glaudhall, Glazert, Glen, Glenae, Glenaffric, Glenafton, Glenaladale, Glenalbert, Glenalla Fell, Glenalmond, Glenample, Glenapp
  • Page 179
    Glenaray, Glenarbuck, Glenarchaig, Glenarklet, Glenartney, Glenaven, Glenays, Glenbarr Abbey, Glenbarry, Glenbeg, Glenbeich, Glenbennan Hill, Glenbervie, Glenboig, Glenboltachan
  • Page 180
    Glenborrodale Castle, Glenbriarachan, Glenbrighty, Glenbuck, Glenbucket, Glenbuckie, Glen Burn, Glenburnie, Glencainail, Glencairn
  • Page 181
    Glencanisp, Glencannich, Glencaple, Glencarradale, Glencarrick, Glencarron, Glencarse, Glencatacol, Glenceitlein, Glenchalmadale, Glenclova, Glencloy, Glenclunie, Glencoe
  • Page 183
    Glencoe, Glencona, Glencourie, Glenconvinth, Glencorse
  • Page 184
    Glencoul, Glencreran, Glencroe, Glencross, Glencul, Glendale, Glendarnel, Glendean's Banks, Glendearg, Glendelvine, Glen Derry, Glendevon
  • Page 185
    Glendhu, Glendinning, Glen Diridh, Glendochart, Glendoick, Glendoll, Glendorchh Burn, Glendouglas, Glendow, Glendowachy or Glenquithle, Glendowran Burn, Glendronach, Glendubh, Glenducke, Glenduror, Glendye, Gleneagles, Glenearn, Gleneffock, Glenelchaig, Glenelg
  • Page 186
    Glenennich, Glenerichdie, Glenericht House, Glenesbuig, Glenesk, Glenessland Burn, Glenetive House, Glenfalloch, Glenfarg, Glenfarquhar
  • Page 187
    Glenfearach, Glenfender, Glenfeochan, Glenfernes, Glenfernisdale, Glenfeshie, Glenfiag, Glenfiddich Lodge, Glenfinart, Glenfinglas, Glenfinnan, Glenfintaig, Glenfishie, Glenforsa House, Glenfoudland, Glenfruin, Glenfyne, Glengaber Burn, Glengairn, Glengap Burn, Glengarnock, Glengarr, Glengarrel, Glengarry
  • Page 188
    Glengarry, Glengavel Water, Glengaw Burn, Glengloy, Glengollie, Glengonner Water, Glengulbin, Glengyle, Glenhalmadale, Glenhead, Glenhinisdale or Glenhinistil, Glenholm, Braes of Gleniffer, Gleniorsa, Glenisla
  • Page 189
    Glenisla, Glenkens, Glenketland, Glenkill Burn, Glenkillock, Glenkindie, Glenkinglas, Glenkinglass, Glenkirk, Glenlacht, Glenlaggan, Glenlair, Glenlatterach, Glenlean, Glenlednock, Glenlee, Glenlichd
  • Page 190
    Glenlichd, Glenlivet, Glenlochar, Glenlochy
  • Page 191
    Glenlochy, Glenlogan, Glenlogie, Glenlora, Glenloth, Glenluce, Glen Lui, Glenlyon
  • Page 192
    Glenlyon, Glenmanno Burn, Glenmark, Glenmarlin, Glenmassan, Glenmavis, Glenmill, Glenmillan, Glenmore, Glenmore Burn, Glenmore House, Glenmore-nan-Albin or Great Glen of Scotland
  • Page 193
    Glenmore Water, Glenmoriston, Glenmuick Tullich and Glengairn, Glenmuir or Glenmuirshaw, Glennevis, Glennoe
  • Page 194
    Glenny, Glenny Law, Glenogil, Glenogilvie, Glenogle, Glenorchy and Innishail, Glenormiston House
  • Page 195
    Glenprosen, Glenquaich, Glenguharry, Glenquicken, Glenquiech, Glenquithle, Glenquoich or  Glenquiech, Glenranza, Glenrath Burn, Glenrinnes, Glenrosie, Glenrothes, Glenroy
  • Page 196
    Glensalach, Glensanda, Glensannox, Glensassunn, Glensax, Glenshant, Glenshee, Glensheil, Glenshellish, Glensherrig or Glenshurtg, Glenshiel
  • Page 197
    Glenshira, Glenshirra Lodge, Glensligachan, Glensloy, Glenspean, Glen-Stewart, Glenstrae, Glenstrathfarrer, Glentaggart, Glentanner, Glentarf, Glentarken, Glentendal, Glenterra or Glentirrow, Glentilt
  • Page 198
    Glentirrow, Glentoo, Glen Tower, Glentrathen, Glentreig, Glentromie, Glentrool, Glentruim, Glen Tulchan, Glenturret, Glenurchy, Glenure, Glenurquhart, Glenury, Glenvale, Glenwhurry, Glenspin, Glesterlaw, Glimsholm, Glitness, Glomach or Allt a'Ghlomaich
  • Page 199
    Gloom Castle, Cannel's Gloomingside or Gannel Burn, Glorat, Gloup, Glupe, Goales, Goatfell, Goatmilk, Goblin's Cave, Goblin's Dell, Gockstane or Goukstane, Gogar, Gogo Water, Goil, Loch Goin or Blackwoodhill Dam, Goldberry
  • Page 200
    Goldielands, Goldielea, Gollanfield, Gollochy, Golspie, Golyn, Gometra, Gonachan, Gonar, Goodie Water
  • Page 201
    Goranberry, Gorbals, Gordon, Gordon Arms, Gordon Castle, Gordon Place, Port Gordon, Gordonsburgh, Gordon's Mills, Gordonstown
  • Page 202
    Gordonstown, Gorebridge, Gore Water, Gorgask, Gorgie, Loch Gorm, Gorthie, Gortlech or Gorthlick, Goseland, Gosford, Goshen, Gossaburgh, Goukstane Burn, Goules, Gour or Loch Ghobhair, Gourdie, Gourdon, Gourock
  • Page 203
    Gourock, Gourock Burn, Govan
  • Page 204
  • Page 209
    Govan, Govanhill, Govel or Elrick Burn, Gowanbank, Port Gower, Gowkhall, Gowland or Gowling, Gowrie, Goyle, Graden, Graemsay, Graham's Castle, Graham's Dyke, Graham's Knowe, Grahamslaw
  • Page 210
    Grahamston, Graitney, Grampians
  • Page 211
    Grandholm, Grandiscole, Grandtully Castle, Grange, Grange or Westquarter Burn, Grange Beil, East Grange, Grange Fell, Grange Hall, Grange House, Grangemouth
  • Page 212
    Grangemouth, Grangemuir, Grangepans, Loch Grannoch, Grant Castle, Granton
  • Page 213
    Granton, Grantown
  • Page 214
    Grantown, Grant's House, Grantully Castle, Grapel, Grassmarket, Grassy Walls, Gray House, Graystone, Greanlin, Greannoch, Great Cave, Great Colonnade
  • Page 215
    Great Door, Great Glen, Greatmoor Hill, Great North of Scotland Railway
  • Page 217
    Great North of Scotland Railway, Greenan, Greenbank, Greenbrae, Greenburn, Greencraig, Greenend, Greenfield, Greenford, Greengairs, Greenhall, Greenhead, Greenhill, Greenholm, Little Greenholm and Meikle, Green Island, Greenknowe, Greenknowes, Greenland, Greenlaw
  • Page 218
    Greenlaw, Greenloaning, Greenmill, Greenock
  • Page 222
  • Page 227
    Greenock, Upper Greenock, Greenstone Point, Greeta Water, Greigston, Greinord or Gruinard, Grenand Castle, Loch Grennoch, Gress or Ghriais, Gretna or Graitney
  • Page 228
    Gretna Green, Greyfriars, Greyhope, Grey Mare's Tail, Griam or  Loch a' Ghriama, Gribon, Gribton, Grieff, Grimersta, Grimes' Dyke, Grimisay, Grim Ness, Grimshadar, Gritmoor or Greatmoor, Groay, Grogport, The Grove, Grucula or Agricola, Grubbit Law, Grudie, Gruinard, Gruinnard or Gruinart, Gruna, Gruna Skerries, Gruver, Gryfe or Gryffe Water
  • Page 229
    Gualann, Gualin House, Guard Bridge, Guay Station, Guelt, Guidie, Guildtown, Guildy, Guinach Loch, Guirm, Guisachan, Guisachan or Guesachan, Guisachan or Allt Ghiusachan, Gulberwick, Gulbin or Amhainn Ghuilbinn, Gullane, Gullane Point, Gull Rocks, Gumscleuch, Gunister, Gunna, Gunsgreen, Guthrie
  • Page 230
    The Guynd, Gylen, Gynag or Guinach

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