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Ordnance Gazetteer of Scotland
Places beginning with J


  • Page 328
    Jackton, Jamacia, Jameston, Jamima, Janefield, Janetown, Janetstown, Jardine Hall, Jeantown or Lochcarron
  • Page 329
  • Page 333
    Jedburgh, Jedfoot Bridge, Jed Forest, Jed Water, Jemimaville or Jamima, Jerviston, Jerviswood, Island of Jesus, Jock's Lodge, Jock's Thorn, John o' Groat's House
  • Page 334
    Johnshaven, Johnston, Johnstone
  • Page 335
    Johnstone Bridge, Johnstounburn, Joppa, Jordon or Pow Burn, Jordanhill, Jordanstane House, Junction Road, Juniper Green, Jura
  • Page 336

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