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Ordnance Gazetteer of Scotland
Places beginning with O


  • Page 123
    Nunton, Nybsterm Oa, Oakbank, Oakfield, Oakley, Oahshawhead, Oakwood Tower, Oathlaw, Oban
  • Page 124
  • Page 126
    Oban, Obney Hills, Ocheltree, Ochil Hills
  • Page 127
    Ochiltree, Ochterlony
  • Page 128
    Ochtertyre, Okraquay, Odin's or Lord Lovat's Cave, Odinswick, Ogilface, Ogilvie, Ogle, Ogstoun, Oich, Oikell, Oisinneach, Old Aberdeen, Oldany, Oldhamstocks
  • Page 129
    Oldney or Oldany, Old Water of Cluden, Oliver Castle, Ollaberry, Ollagirth, Olna Firth, Olrig, Omoa, Onich, Orangefield, Oransay
  • Page 130
    Oransay, Orchardton, Orchil, Orchy, Ord, Ord or Muir of Ord, Ord or Ord-of-Caithness, Ordbain Hill, Ordhead, Ord Hill, Ordie Burn, Loch Ordie, Ordiquhill
  • Page 131
    Ord-of-Caithness, Ore, Orkney
  • Page 132
  • Page 141
    Orkney, Ormiclate, Ormidale, Ormiston
  • Page 142
    Ormiston, Ormsary, Ornsay or Oronsay, Orphir, Orr, Orrin
  • Page 143
    Orsay or Oversay, Orton House, Orwell, Osnaburgh, Ospisdale, Ossian or Loch Ouchan, Ossian's Grave, Ossian's Hall, Otterburn, Otter House, Otterston, Otterswick, Ouan or Loch Uaine, Ousie or Loch Ussie, Outer Hebrides, Out-Skerries, Over-Bervie, Overbie, Overlee, Oversay, Overscaig Hotel, Overton
  • Page 144
    Overtoun, Overtown, Oxcar, Oxenfoord Castle, Oxna, Oxnam, Ox Rocks, Oxton or Agston, Oykell, Oyne
  • Page 145

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