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The Anecdotage of Glasgow
How a Highland Chief scared a Glasgow creditor

IN former times, when the Highland chieftains were pretty much a law unto themselves, one of these magnates condescended to get into the debt of a low-country tradesman, presumably Glasgow, and as he seemed in no hurry to pay, the creditor made a journey in person to the lairds abode to seek and obtain payment He arrived at night, during the alleged absence of the laird, had his supper and was put to bed. On getting up in the morning and looking out at his bedroom window, he observed, to his horror, a man dangling from a tree right opposite to the window.

On a servant appearing he asked the moaning of what he had seen, and was coolly told in reply:

"Oh! just a Glasgow merchant who had the impudence to come here to dun and bother the laird about some baw bees he said were owing to him." The creditor took the hint and decamped without waiting to see the laird, or making mention of his account. The suspended figure which scared the creditor was, however, in reality only a made up semblance of humanity, got up for the purpose which it so effectually served.

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