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The Anecdotage of Glasgow
Popular preaching in Glasgow of yore

A Reverend gentleman, who had a guid gift o’ the gab, or, as the late James Bell of geographical and antiquarian celebrity used to phrase it, "the art of communicating naething," delivered a sermon in the neighbourhood of Glasgow for some public purpose, which delighted the mob as a tub does a whale.

The declaimer dealt with high Calvinistic points of doctrine to the almost exclusion of the practical bearings of the subject, and to the no small gratification, if not edification of his hearets, or of most of them. One bonneted abhorrer of legal preaching, in returning home, was overheard giving vent to his admiration thus:

"Man, John, wasna yon preachin’! yon’s something for a body to come awa’ wi’—the way that he smashed down his text into sae mony heads and particulars, just a’ to flinders. Nine heads and twenty particulars in ilka head—and sic’ mouthfu’s o’ grand words! an’ every ane o’ them In’ o’ meaning, nae doubt, if we but kent them—bat we ha’e ill-improved our precious opportunities; man, if we could just mind onything he said, it would be grand, and would do us guid."

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