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The Anecdotage of Glasgow
Douglas of Barloch's Fun : A great run upon the banks

WHEN the popular walk on the banks of the river Clyde, which had been barred for a time by the erection of Harvie’s Dyke, was again thrown open to the public by a decision of the Supreme Court, great numbers flocked thither, partly attracted by its being a favourite walk; and partly on account of curiosity arising out of the celebrity of the case.

Mr. Douglas of Barloch, happening soon after to meet the gentleman who had taken the most active part in conducting the plea on behalf of the public, waggishly declared to him, in the most serious manner, that he must surely be a dangerous person, as he had aimed a severe blow at the security of the mercantile world.

"How?" asked the gentleman, in the utmost astonishment.

"Because," said Mr. Douglas, "you have created a very great run upon the banks."

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