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The Anecdotage of Glasgow
WiIIiam Reid on Dust and Drought

Mr. REID, when confidential shopman and clerk to Messrs. Dunlop & Wilson, booksellers in Glasgow, with whom he acquired the knowledge of his profession, was engaged at the annual balance in taking the stock of literature in quires stored in the warehouse, and had the assistance of a couple of bookbinders to collate the works, and to lay aside all imperfect copies. The work was heavy, and the dust, which had not been disturbed since the former balance, rose in clouds, and made lodgments in the crevices of Craig’s close (throat) to such an extent that it created a demand on the part of Mr. Reid’s assistants for something to wash it down.

Mr. Reid received the petition, and having a happy knack in improvising doggerels, forthwith memorialised the heads of the house as follows:-

"Now gentlemen, to tell the truth,
We’re like to choke wi’ stour and drouth;
Twa pints o’ porter, if ye please,
Would set our geyzened throats at ease."

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