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The Anecdotage of Glasgow
Story of the Ram's Horn

THIS story is connected with the visit of St. Columba to St. Mungo. Some of the followers of the western saint are stated to have laid hold of a fat wether belonging to the Glasgow bishopís flock, which they coveted and resolved to make their own. The shepherd adjured them to desist, but they paid no heed to his appeals, although he added that if they asked his master, he had no doubt that he would bestow it on them. As the faithful shepherd continued to resist the theft, he was knocked down, and one of the marauders, seizing the ram by the horn, cut off its head, which, it is said, instantly petrified, and stuck to his hand beyond the power of man to remove.

In this fix he was forced to go and make confession of his sin to St. Mungo, from whom he not only obtained absolution and relief, but even a gift of the coveted ram. The scene of this marvel was afterwards known as the lands of Ramshorn, and on them St. Davidís or the Ramshorn Church now stands.

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