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The Anecdotage of Glasgow
The firm of "Hamilton and Brandon" as security

ANDREW HOUSTON, Esq. of Jordanhill, got into embarrassments in consequence of his having, in partnership with some others, entered into an immense speculation in slaves, when the total abolition of the slave trade was at first seriously agitated, and seemed likely to be immediately accomplished; but as the measure was delayed, the loss occasioned by the fall in price of negroes, by the expense of keeping them, and by deaths amongst them, brought ruin to the speculators.

In these circumstances Mr. Houston applied to Government for the loan of 100,000, which was agreed to be, granted upon his giving satisfactory security.

Accordingly, Mr. Houston having gone to the Government to name his security, gave in the name of "Hamilton and Brandon," upon which the official on duty answered:

"Sir, we never take a firm for security." Whereon Mr. Houston replied:

It is not a firm which is offered, but Douglas, Duke of Hamilton and Brandon."

The security, of course, was then readily accepted.

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