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The Anecdotage of Glasgow
Mr. David Dale as adviser and partner

MR. DALE, who was regarded with esteem and confidence by all classes of the community, was on one occasion applied to by a widow named Mrs. Mary Black for his advice under the following circumstances:-

Her husband had been a shoemaker in pretty extensive business, and at his death she was at a loss how to dispose of his stock to advantage. Mr. Dale advised her to work up the raw materials into shoes suitable for the West India market, and then to consign the whole to a respectable house for sale there. Mary objected that this was too great a venture for her to engage in; but Mr. Dale kindly told her:

"If you are pleased with my proposal, I am willing to run halves with you in the adventure."

Mary at once jumped at the offer, and accordingly the whole of Mr. Brown’s finished stock was shipped to the West Indies, upon joint account, with instructions that the produce of the sales should be remitted in cotton.

When the cotton arrived, Mr. Dale proposed to put it into the hands of a cotton broker for sale; but Mary did not approve of this plan, saying that she would sell it herself, and thereby save the broker’s commission.

Mrs. Brown was very successful in selling the cotton at a good price, and was so pleased with her success, that immediately thereafter she commenced the business of a cotton broker.

But, like many others in similar circumstances, "who make haste to be rich," she was carried away with a zeal for speculation, and in 1794 her name appears in the Edinburgh Gazette as a bankrupt.

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