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The Anecdotage of Glasgow
Rev. Dr. Ranken and Rev. Mr. Peat of Stirling's Library

THE Rev. Dr. Ranken, who was minister of the northwest parish of Glasgow (1785-1827), was an able preacher, and author of several works, the chief being History of France and Institutes of Theology. Like many, perhaps most authors, the doctor liked his most rickety progeny the best; and being anxious to discover what the world thought of his work, it struck him to apply to the librarian of Stirling’s Libraries.

With this object in view he entered the Physicians’ and Surgeons’ Hall, St. Enoch Square, and accosted the then librarian, Rev. Mr. Peat, a man of dry, sarcastic disposition, with the following query:

"Pray, Mr. Peat, is Dr. Ranken’s History of France in?"

To which the caustic librarian replied curtly:

"It never was out !"

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