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The Anecdotage of Glasgow
An honest Hawkie in right of hypothec

A WORTHY Highlander, who acquired his slender stock of mongrel English on the "Braes o’ Balquidder," and who owned a property in the Calton, had the mortification to find that a female tenant of his, a cowfeeder, had sold off all the stock and made a moonlight flitting, in order to evade that special palladium of landlord privilege, the law of hypothec.

The landlord, hearing of his tenant’s decampment, hastened to the spot to see if anything had been left whereby he might indemnify himself, but behold! all the rowters were off and the byre cleaned out. Just as he was preparing to leave the premises, one of the cows, through absence of memory or force of habit, made her appearance at the byre door, and claimed admittance, to the delight of the bereaved landlord, who welcomed her in these kindly terms:

"Hawkie, my own latie, come awa’, I’m ferry glad to saw you once more; you’re a far more honester woman than your mistress."

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