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The Anecdotage of Glasgow
Rev. Mr. Pringle of Pollockshaws and his dram-drinking members

THE late Rev. Mr. Pringle of Pollokshaws was a clergyman of mild but firm manners in dealing with members of his congregation. One of these was much addicted to dram

drinking, and, though seldom going great lengths in public, went so far as to become the object of serious advice, remonstrance, reproof, and threat from the kirk session, all of which had been tried in turn, and for a time had their effect.

Exclusion, at last, from the privileges of the church was threatened if another instance of indulgence was proven against him, and the defaulter promised implicit obedience in future, and did keep his promise for some time, which gladdened the benevolent heart of Mr. Pringle, who hoped that he had been the means of reclaiming the unfortunate man from vicious indulgence, and of restoring his usefulness to his family.

One day Mr. Pringle was passing along the main street of the then village, when whom should he see exhibiting unequivocal symptoms of intoxication but his irreclaimable member, describing his course of regular angles, and making towards him as rapidly as the frequent adjustment of the centre of gravity permitted. The offender noticed his minister, who could not be avoided, and made a lurch, somewhat lengthening the limb of the angle, into a recess, and put his back against the wall till Mr. Pringle came up to him. And when he did so, took the first word, quoting, with knowing emphasis, standard authority as his apology for his failings, namely:

"No mere man since the fall is able perfectly to keep the commandments, but doth daily break them in thought, word, and deed."

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