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The Anecdotage of Glasgow
Doctrine versus practice

A MEMBER belonging to the congregation of the Secession, under the late Rev. Mr. Pringle of Pollokshaws, went on a visit to some old acquaintances who resided in the village of Kippen, Stirlingshire—one of those privileged places, of which proverb says,— "Out of the world and into Kippen."

The Rev. Mr. Anderson, then clergyman of the parish, a gentleman of amiable manners, and assiduous in his attentions to the best interests of his parishioners, gave two or three sermons, during the brief sojourn of the seceder from the Shaws, which pleased him exceedingly, as they happened to turn on high, weighty, and knotty doctrinal points. Speaking of these discourses to Mr. Pringle, on his return, he said:

"Yon’s the preacher, Mr. Pringle—nane o’ your fushionless legal trash ;—eh! but he’s a terrible enemy to guid warks."

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