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The Anecdotage of Glasgow
The Rev. Neil Douglas' pulpit eccentricities

THE late Rev. Neil Douglas, preacher of the Universal Restoration, Glasgow, was a singular man. His discourses contained a mixture of religion and politics, anecdote and sarcasm.

Although differing so widely from the orthodox on Redemption, he entertained all the old Presbyterian hatred to the successor of St. Peter, whom he styled "His poor, pitiful holiness, the Pope of Rome."

He prayed for kings, but it was for their reformation. In praying for the Prince Regent (afterwards George IV.), it was commonly with a clause that he might see the error of his ways, and repent of his wicked life. This is a way of speaking little followed by. the clergy; and even Jeremy Taylor, who is much talked of for sanctity, calls Charles II. the best king, and the Church of England the best Church in the world!

Mr. Douglas had great powers of imagination, which he indulged in a way that led him into ludicrous consequences.

One day, while preaching in Andersonís Institution, he spoke of the wickedness of publicans in corrupting their spirits, and said:

"It is worse than fornication; it is adulteration!"

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