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The Anecdotage of Glasgow
Rev. Neil Douglas and the fate of the Tory Minister

THAT eccentric radical divine, the Rev. Neil Douglas, of Glasgow, while engaged one sultry day denouncing, in hot and fiery terms, Lord Sidmouth and the Tory ministry of the time, during his discourse was very much tormented with flies, which kept buzzing around him. At length he wound up a grand outpouring of invective and prophecy of evil to come, with the exclamation:

"Yes, assuredly, they will all perish and go to perdition, just as surely as I catch this fly!"

And, so saying, he made an adroit effort to catch one of the buzzers with his hand, but, on carefully opening it to look, he ejaculated:

"Fegs, Iíve missed; there is a chance for them yet!"

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