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The Anecdotage of Glasgow
Andrew Henderson's gallant request to a lady

ANDREW HENDERSON, who, along with Motherwell and Carrick, formed the trio of editors of The Laird of Logan, although a stout defender of the state of single blessedness, was ever genial, gallant, witty, and agreeable.

He was one evening at a dinner party where the company were so numerous that they could not be all accommodated at the table, and some had to make their knees the substitute. Andrew was one of these, and after having picked the bones of the portion of fowl served to him by the host, was about to return his plate, when he proffered to hand in, at the same time, that of the lady who sat next to him, and couched his request in the following felicitous terms:

"My dear miss, will you let me lay my banes aside yours?"

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