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The Anecdotage of Glasgow
Henderson introduces Robertson to a lady friend

HENDERSON had a peculiar knack of giving a humorous turn to everything he said or did. In the ceremony of introducing his friends to new acquaintances, usually so stiff and formal, Mr. Henderson, by his off-hand way, made the parties on as easy terms in three minutes as if they had been acquainted for as many months. The proverbialist introduced the publisher at Mrs. S——’s, North Woodside, thus:

"My frien’ Mr. David Robertson."

"I am glad at all times to see you, and any friend of yours," replied Mrs. S——,

"Weel, my lady," continued Mr. Henderson, "just see, when you’re on your feet, if there’s onything in the bottle; the day’s gey and warm."

"It’s at your service; but whether will you have whisky, rum, or brandy?" inquired Mrs. S—-—, with characteristic frankness.

"Just bring the first that comes to your hand,—onything out o’ a bottle ‘grees wi’ me; and when you’re at the press at onyrate, bring the bread and cheese in your ither han’, as my frien’ Davit here is a wee like the Kilbarchan calves, wha aye like to drink wi’ a rip in their mouth."