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The Anecdotage of Glasgow
Glasgow Suburban lapsed masses of a former generation

A GENTLEMAN in the neighbourhood of Glasgow having at a great expense erected a silk factory, and attached to it a schoolroom for the benefit of the young people connected with the works, considered that the whole matter was not complete without accommodation for them and their parents at church. He, therefore, rented a number of pews, and going to each man, individually, informed him of what he had done.

By some, much thankfulness was expressed; while others, by the great indifference exhibited, were something similar to the men, who, upon their master promising them that they would be paid their wages the same as another day if they attended church on a Fast Day, would not consent unless they were paid for it as over hours; or the valet who hoped, if he attended prayers, his master would. consider it in his wages. Addressing one of them, the employer said:

"John, I have taken seats in the church here for myself and the people attending the factory; and I shall be glad to see you there as often as possible."

"Oh yes, sir," said John, "Ill tak thy turn ot wi the rest o the men."

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