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The Anecdotage of Glasgow
Hawkie "Like his profession"

HAWKIE seems to have been at all times rather fond of our national beverage, whisky, and he was too honest to deny his liking for it. Food and clothing were secondary considerations, but whisky was a sine qua non.

A Highland benefactress of the street orator thus addressed him on one occasion:

"Oich man, Willie, but it’s a perfect vext to see you going about with a coat all broken out at every corner—deed is it. I’m sure there’s plenty shentlemans in oor big toun o’ Glasgow here that will get you a gooder coat nor that—waur they couldna gi’e you—ay, just for a word to them."

To which Hawkie replied:

"Weel, lady, it wouldna be discreet if I didna thank you for the hint; and I think there’s scores in Glasgow would gi’e Hawkie a coat—and they ha’e done’t too—they’re no to blame; but a coat that’s worth a gill canna be a day on my back, and I’m no sure if I could succeed in my calling sae weel in a better coat—it behoves a man aye to be like his profession."

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