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The Anecdotage of Glasgow
Hawkie's retorts to the Glasgow police

"Now, Hawkie, ye ne’er-do-weel, take the road, sir, and not obstruct the street;" said a police officer to him one day, in the midst of one of his great harangues.

"Indeed," said Hawkie, "you are wrong with your police law. I may keep the street, but I ha’e no right to the road, for I never paid ‘road money’ in a’ my life."

On another occasion, Hawkie was thus ordered by çustodier of the peace;

"Sir, be off, and not disturb the street, and obstruct traffic by collecting mobs in this way."

"Me collecting mobs," said Hawkie, "I am only addressing a decent congregation, and if ye will blame, don’t blame me, but them; for, if there’s a pow’r o’ hearers, there seems to be very few believers!"

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