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The Anecdotage of Glasgow
Glasgow man with a flood on the brain

AN inhabitant of an upper flat in the highest part of the city of Glasgow, who had probably been reading the Prophecy of Hawkie, is said to have been in company one evening where a good deal of conversation of a sensational kind passed on the subject of the Clyde overflowing its banks, and inundating the lower part of the houses of the Bridgegate, near to the river.

Next morning, when he awoke, it being quite dark, and the former night’s discussion still swimming in his mind, the first step he made out of bed was into a tub of water, which had accidentally been placed at the side of the bed. The association of ideas prompted him at once piously to ejaculate:

"If the water is at this height up here, Heaven ha’e mercy upon the folks in the Briggate."

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