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The Anecdotage of Glasgow
Motherwell and the Reform Bill

DURING the heat of the contest about the Reform Bill of 1831-2, an article appeared in the Glasgow Courier, then conducted by Mr. Motherwell, denouncing the ministry—i.e. Brougham, Grey, etc.—as fools and dunces, who were flattered by idiots and petty scribblers.

A writer of the other party published the following verses in reply, contrasting the little editor with the great chancellor :—

"A tomtit once, a little bird,
But full of high conceit,
Attacked an eagle of the sun,
A bird of claws and weight.

"Quoth Tom, ‘The eagle is a fool,
And stupid eke is he;
He wears a wig, he cannot sing,
Nor twitter tweedle-dee.

"‘He sits upon a pack of wool—
I perch upon a tree;
Tho’ petty scribblers sound his praise
He’ll never match with me.’"

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