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The Anecdotage of Glasgow
"Alexander the Great" in a fix

MR. CAPELTON relates the following ludicrous incident as having happened, about 1830, at Dunlop Street theatre, one night that he was present.

On that occasion the manager personated a hunter in a piece, the name of which the narrator had forgotten. In the course of its action "Alick" had to discharge his gun at a bird, a stuffed effigy of which should have dropped from the flats. But no bird was forthcoming, and terrible was the rage of "Alick" thereat. Shaking his fist at the propertyman above, he ground out between his teeth:

"Doon wií the doo, confound ye, doon wií the doo!" The words are stated to have been perfectly audible to the people in front of the pit, and a roar of laughter accompanied the descent of the "doo," i.e. pigeon.

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