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The Anecdotage of Glasgow
Sir Robert Peel at Blythswood house

SIR ARCHIBALD ALISON in his autobiography, referring to the visit of Sir Robert Peel to Glasgow in 1837 to deliver his inaugural address as Lord Rector, mentions:

Sir Robert was extremely amused with an anecdote related at table at Blythswood of a Presbyterian minister in one of the Cumbraes, islands in the estuary of the Clyde, who every Sunday prayed foró "The greater and lesser Cumbrae, and the adjoining islands of Great Britain and Ireland."

He laughed heartily at this characteristic trait, and was hardly less interested by an observation which I made:

"That the name of Cumraes, or Cumbraes, was the same as Cambria and Cumberland, and all these were derived from the Krupi, who, before the siege of Troy, made their appearance in the Straits of the Hellespont, and raised over their fallen chiefs the pyramidal mounds which were afterwards adopted as the sepulchres of Achilles and Ajax on those classic shores."

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