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The Anecdotage of Glasgow
Lord Clyde and his aide-de-camp, Frederick Montague Alison

SIR COLIN CAMPBELL, the hero of Balaclava, visited Scotland in 1856, soon after the close of the Crimean War. In company with him one evening, Lady Alison, wife of Sir Archibald Alison, Sheriff of Lanarkshire, whose second son, Frederick Montague Alison, was aide-de-camp to Sir Colin, expressed her wish that he would get something for her son to do, as she was afraid he would run wild on leave of absence; to which the gallant veteran smilingly replied:

"My dear lady, an aide-de-camp has but one thing to do in peace, and that is to make love to his generalís wife; now, I have no wife, therefore my advice to him is, instead, to make love to every pretty girl he sees, an advice which, I have no doubt, he will be happy to follow."

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