53 A sharp young Rutherglen culprit

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The Anecdotage of Glasgow
A sharp young Rutherglen culprit

THE precocious cuteness and sharpness of the young Glasgow city arabs is proverbial, but the following incident will show that the neighbouring royal burgh on the south side of the Clyde is little, if anything, behind in that respect.

An active-looking boy, aged about twelve years, was brought up before Provost Baker, at the Rutherglen Burgh Court, charged with breaking into gardens and stealing fruit therefrom. The charge having been substantiated, the magistrate, addressing the juvenile offender, said in his gravest manner:

"If you had a garden, and pilfering boys were to break into it and steal your property, in what way would you like to have them punished ?"

"Aweel, sir," replied the prisoner, "I think I would let them awa’ for the first time."

It is needless to add that the worthy magistrate was mollified, and that the little fellow was dismissed with an admonition, and a warning that if he was brought up a second time it would be all the worse for him.

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