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The Anecdotage of Glasgow
A Fight in Glasgow Cathedral

From the time of the Reformation to that of the Revolution, which placed William, Prince of Orange, and his wife, Mary, on the Throne, Glasgow was the theatre of frequent struggles between the two contending ecclesiastical parties as one instance of this unseemly strife the following incident may suffice:

About the end of the sixteenth century, the Rev. Mr. Montgomery of Stirling was presented to the Cathedral as Bishop. The provost and several of the leading burgesses proceeded to the church on a Sunday to have him inducted, and found the pulpit already occupied by the Rev. John Howieson of Cambuslang, who refused to vacate the pulpit in favour of the Bishop. A scuffle thereupon ensued in the sacred edifice between the supporters of the rival divines and parties, wherein some blood was spilt; and in this case it ended with the reverend preacher from Cambuslang being dragged from the rostrum and maltreated, his beard being torn and several of his teeth knocked out.

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