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The Anecdotage of Glasgow
Rev. Dr. Gillan, and his Sunday-Selling member

BEFORE the passing of the Forbes Mackenzie Act, one of Dr. Gillan’s members kept a public-house in the Gallowgate, which did a roaring trade on Sabbath evenings, greatly to the annoyance of the worthy doctor, who passed the shop every Sabbath evening on his way to his Bible Class. Resolving to show his displeasure, he one Sabbath evening walked into the public-house, and found the publican’s wife, Mrs. A—.——, serving at the counter. In his usual quick, peremptory way, he called for a gill and a bake. The woman was dumfoundered, and could scarcely believe her own ears. She managed, however, to go into a back parlour where her husband was engaged in conversation with a friend.

"Here’s the minister," she said, "an’ he’s ca’ing for a gill." Equally astonished, Mr. A——- went to the bar, and on presenting himself, the doctor repeated his demand:

"I want a gill and a bake." No movement being made to comply with the request, the doctor sharply observed:

"If you are ashamed to serve your own minister with a gill at the counter on a Sunday night, you should feel ashamed to sell it to others;" and so saying he turned on his heel and left the shop. Mr. A—— afterwards told a friend that he was so rebuked by Dr. Gillan’s little but effective stratagem, that he never afterwards opened his shop on Sundays.

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