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The Anecdotage of Glasgow
A Glasgow lady's lamentation for the Kirk o' Scotland

AT a soiree got up by one of the churches in Glasgow, the band of a dragoon regiment was present to discourse sweet music. The idea of a regimental band in the sacred edifice proved too much for the sensitive mind of an old lady, and she exclaimed with some nervous tremor:

"Eh, sirs me, isn’t this awf a’. The Kirk o’ Scotland has come to a waefu’ pass. Just to think o’ folk haldin’ a teaparty in’t; and e’en that thay’re no content wi’, but they maun e’en ha’e sodgers wi’ brass trumpets and skirlin’ whistles to help them to tak’ their tea ! Hech me, it’s a wonder the roof doesna fa’ on us!"

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