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The Anecdotage of Glasgow
Queen Victoria and "War's me for Prince Charlie"

DURING an early visit of Her Majesty to the North, the popular song of "Wae’s me for Prince Charlie," written by Mr. William Glen, a native of Glasgow, received a signal mark of royal favour which would have gladdened the heart of its unfortunate author had he been then alive.

While Her Majesty was at Taymouth Castle, the Marquis of Breadalbane engaged Mr. Wilson, the famous Scottish vocalist, to sing before her. A list of the songs Mr. Wilson was in the habit of singing was submitted to the Queen that she might signify her choice. The royal selection was as follows :—

"Lochaber no More;" "The Flowers of the Forest;" "The Lass o’ Gowrie;" "John Anderson, my Jo;" "Cam’ ye by Athole;" and, "The Laird o’ Cockpen."

Mr. Glen’s song was not in Mr. Wilson’s list, but Her Majesty herself asked if he could sing— "Wae’s me for Prince Charlie?"

This, fortunately, Mr. Wilson was able to do. Mr. Glen was the son of an eminent merchant of Glasgow, in which city he was himself born. He died in 1824.

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