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The Anecdotage of Glasgow
Clan Jaffrey versus Clan Campbell

JAFFREY’s Close enters from the Gooseclubs in Glasgow, and contains a very considerable number of inhabitants, many of whom are of questionable character. The waggish gentleman from whom this close derived its name was once in company with a Highlandman of the name of Campbell, who was lording it over some of the Macs, etc., in the company, and boasting of the antiquity, great names, and numbers belonging to his clan. Mr. Jaffrey at once offered to take a bet with the Celt that the clan to which he belonged was more numerous than his.

"Your clan! your clan! who ever heard before now of the Clan Jaffrey?"

"Donald, I’ll let your friends here be the judges."

"Very well, then, five pounds to a shilling."

"I belong to the Clan Jaufrie, so down wi’ your dust."

The name Jaffrey is vulgarly pronounced "Jauphrie."

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