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The Anecdotage of Glasgow
A Glasgow patient's last doctor's fee

A WEALTHY citizen of Glasgow, who had the misfortune to require the frequent services of his medical man, was in the habit of having the gold always ready in his hand wherewith to electrify the doctor when he felt his pulse.

One day, on the doctor making his stated visit, the servant, with a rueful countenance, said to him mournfully:

"Allis over!"

"Over !" re-echoed the doctor with sad surprise, as the vision of his accustomed fee flashed before his mindís eye;

and he then added: -

"Impossible! let me see him; surely he cannot be dead yet; some trance or heavy sleep perhaps?í

Accordingly the doctor was ushered in to the sable apartment, lifted the hand of the pale corpse, applied the finger to that artery which once ebbed and flowed with life, gave a sorrowful shake of his head, while, with dexterous legerdemain, he relieved from the grasp of death two guineas, the last fee, which in truth had been destined for him. Then turning to those present, he said: "Ay, ay, good folks, he is dead; there is a destiny in all things."

And, full of shrewd professional sagacity, turned on his heel.

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