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The Anecdotage of Glasgow
Rev. Dr. Donald MacLeod's translation to Glasgow

THE translation of the Rev. Donald Macleod from Linlithgow to Glasgow was deeply resented by the beadle, who also held the office of sexton, in which capacity his arrangement for the proper and final disposal of the reverend gentleman had been quite upset. When Mr. Macleod first went to Linlithgow, the beadle kindly took him into the graveyard, and showing him the resting-places of his predecessors, said:

"There’s where Dr. Bell lies; and there’s where Dr. Dobie lies; and there’s where you will lie, if you are spared !"

But when he found himself baulked of this last arranged deposit, he said to Mr. Macleod on his taking his departure for Glasgow:

"Well, sir, ye are the first minister that was ever lifted out of Linlithgow, except to the grave."

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