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The Anecdotage of Glasgow
Rev. Robert Baillie, Student, Professor, and Principal of Glasgow College

THE Rev. Robert Baillie, who in his time occupied the various positions above set forth, was born in the Salt-market in the year 1599. His father was descended from the Baillies of Lamington, and therefore from Sir William Wallace, the Scottish hero, patriot, and martyr. He was author of several works, but the one of chief importance is his Letters and Journals, a work of great historical value.

When Principal Baillie was in declining health, he was visited by the new-made archbishop, Andrew Fairfoul, to whom he thus expressed himself:-

"Mr. Andrew, I will not now call you my lord. King Charles would have made me one of these lords; but I do not find in the New Testament that Christ had any lords in His house."

Principal Baillie left a large family; one of his daughters became the wife of Walkinshaw of Barrowfield, and thus by a strange chance the ancestress of Miss Clementina Walkinshaw, well known from her connection with the history of Prince Charles Edward Stuart. Henry Home, better known as Lord Kaines, was great-grandson of the Principal through the same daughter. Baillie died in 1662.

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