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The Anecdotage of Glasgow
Archbishop Leighton and the two Fraudulent Liars

ONE day as Archbishop Leighton was going from Glasgow to Dunblane, there happened a tremendous storm of lightning and thunder. He was observed when at a considerable distance by two men of evil character. They had not courage to rob him; but wishing to fall on some method to extort money from him, one said,

"I will lie down by the wayside as if I were dead, and you shall inform the archbishop that I was killed by the lightning, and beg money of him to bury me."

When the archbishop arrived at the spot, the wicked wretch told the fabricated story; the archbishop sympathised with the pretended survivor, gave him money, and proceeded on his journey. But when the man returned to his companion, he found him really lifeless! Immediately he began to exclaim aloud,

"Oh, sir, he is dead! Oh, sir, he is dead!" On this, the archbishop, discovering the fraud, left the man with this important reflection,

"It is a dangerous thing to trifle with the judgments of God!

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