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The Anecdotage of Glasgow
St. Serf becomes foster-father to St. Mungo

ST. SERF, who was in his cell near by, and at his morning devotions, is said to have heard the angelic strain which heralded the birth of the future saint, and when mother and son were soon after brought to him by a shepherd, he received them with honour, and "baptised in the sacred font" both mother and son, "giving to him the name of Kentigern, that is, lord-in-chief."

It is further told that St. Serf, who educated the boy with pious and tender care, and who was greatly loved by him, on account of the gentle and loving disposition of the lad, to whom he gave the pet name of "Mungo," which means, " the dear one."

"In godly fear he learns to spend his days,
And Godís comman4ments studiously obeys."

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