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The Anecdotage of Glasgow
Story of the Frozen Branch

IN the refectory, it is stated, there was a fire which had been sent down thither from heaven,and which St. Serf’s disciples watched by turns in the night, one after another, that it might not be suffered to go out. On a certain night, however, when the blessed Kentigern was watching the fire, he was overcome by sleep, during which the sacred fire died out, or, as is also said, was put out by some of his fellow disciples who were moved by envy towards him. "But the holy boy," when he awoke, broke off a frozen branch from a neighbouring hazel, and, breathing on it in the name of the Holy Trinity, blow it into a flame, with which he rekindled the sacred lire in the presence of his companions. The tree of the city arms has sprung out of this branch.

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